Impact Soundworks release Ventus Native American Flutes


Impact Soundworks has released Ventus Native American Flutes

Ventus Native American Flutes is available now for the introductory price of $79 (MSRP: $99) through the end of the year, or just $59 with your crossgrade code (ventpf3crs2054). The full version of Kontakt is required.

A Sonorous Trio of Solo Flutes

Explore the melodic, meditative tones of three traditional Native American flutes with the latest entry in our Ventus series of deep-sampled solo winds: Ventus Native American Flutes.

Your Crossgrade Discount

As an existing Ventus series user, you can save an additional $20 on Native American Flutes using the following coupon in your cart: ventpf3crs2054

About the Instruments

These beautiful flutes were handcrafted among the majestic mountains in the historic town of Patagonia, Arizona, and each have a distinct ‘voice’ and pitch range.

Play nimble, expressive melodies or accompaniment with lovely vibrato, emotional legato, and a variety of ornaments to breathe life into your performances even with no keyswitches or automation.

These deep sounds are sure to inspire your music, whether you’re writing film scores, ambient soundscapes, New Age, or even jazz. And with our latest Agility engine for Kontakt, you can craft the perfect tone and settings to fit your personal workflow.

Key Features
Clear and smooth 24-bit sound quality, captured with two mic positions
Perform realistic solo parts with many deep-sampled articulations
Effortlessly play ornaments automatically with our intuitive script
Get inspired quickly with hundreds of categorized phrases per flute
Explore a universe of tonal possibilities with our Console FX rack

For all details on Ventus Native American Flutes visit Impact Soundworks