Impact Soundworks release Special Reserves: Nashville Banjo for Kontakt Player


Impact Soundworks introduced a new release called Special Reserves: Nashville Banjo.  It’s available now for $39 and runs in the free Kontakt Player 7.6 or higher.  More details from Impact Soundworks below.


Lay down realistic banjo parts fast, whether you’re creating an intricate picking part or writing a solo line. Create full-blown country or bluegrass tracks, or bring a folk flavor to a pop song or video game score, with the stunning realism and authenticity of Special Reserves: Nashville Banjo.

Like all Special Reserves, it offers a streamlined interface, affordable price, and Kontakt Player compatibility!

Special Reserves: Nashville Banjo brings you as close as possible to the varied sound and musicality of a live player. We sampled sustains and harmonics with a high number of round robins per note. These include both up and down picking in three dynamics across a large range. During fast playing, an additional set of samples gets triggered for even more variation and nimbleness, so you never have to worry about rapid-fire repetition. For further authenticity, we also sampled the drone string (used to provide harmony) separately.


Please visit Impact Soundworks for more information.