Impact Soundworks launch Tape Sculptor


Impact Soundworks has released Tape Sculptor, a next-generation tape plugin.  It’s available for $99 and is compatible with all major DAWS in Mac and WIndows.  More details from Impact Soundworks below.


Tape Sculptor is a next-generation tape plugin that can go far beyond typical tape emulation to enhance your productions in all-new directions. Created in partnership with brilliant engineer Jatin Chowdhury.  Whether you’re looking to infuse subtle warmth and color during mastering, fatten up drum and bass parts, add lo-fi grit or extreme distortion, or explore entirely new sound design possibilities, Tape Sculptor delivers!

Tape Sculptor’s shining feature is its versatility, allowing you to infuse subtle warmth and dynamics, add character through analog fatness and saturation, bring cohesion and polish to your mix, add a vintage vibe, create space and depth, or completely morph your sound into a creative, boundary-pushing realm.

Tape Sculptor has been thoughtfully designed for both ease-of-use and extensive control. With all its features on a single page and each module easily toggled, tweaking your sound is both fast and intuitive.


For more information, please visit Impact Soundworks.