Impact Soundworks introduce Shreddage 3 Hollomatic


Impact Soundworks released the next installment of its Shreddage series: Shreddage 3 Hollomatic.  For a limited time, this electric guitar library is available at an introductory offer of $139 (regular price $159).  It’s NKS compatible and runs in the free Kontakt Player 6.7 or higher.  More details from Impact Soundworks below.


With a legacy stretching across decades of rock and country music, Shreddage 3 Hollomatic is a famed hollowbody electric guitar with a rich, full-bodied sound and a signature twang. Its versatility in both the clean and high/low gain settings makes it an excellent choice for rock, rockabilly, country, and blues, as well as pop and jazz.

While Shreddage 3 Hollomatic naturally excels in certain styles, once you start exploring the extensive presets we’ve included, you’ll discover the sheer breadth of sound this virtual guitar is capable of. You’ll find everything from classic rock and metal leads to round, warm jazz tones to 60’s surfer sounds to ambient tones that would be right at home in cinematic cues. Take advantage of its out-of-the-box playability or use the intuitive editors to shape the sound and performance.


For more information, please visit Impact Soundworks.