Impact Soundworks announce 25% OFF Pedal Steel for Kontakt during intro promotion


Impact Soundworks has announced 25% OFF Pedal Steel for Kontakt during intro promotion

Impact Soundworks has released a new guitar: Pedal Steel. This Kontakt library has been released with a special intro price.


“Created by Dimitris Plagiannis, the producer of our popular Django, Turkish Oud, and Bouzouki libraries, Pedal Steel accurately captures the sound of an authentic American instrument with an instantly recognizable sound.”

Pedal Steel focuses on ease of use. Simply load it up, start playing, and you’ll immediately get those signature glides from note to note. Dig a little deeper into the “Harmonized Mono” mode, and you’ll quickly discover how to perform expressive intervals and chords all on a single track!

Whether you’re writing jazz, blues, country, or soundtracks, we think you’ll enjoy the versatility of this instrument. Here are some of its key features:
Three adjustable channels: DI and two amps
Per-string, per-fret sampling and up to 9x RR per note
Beautiful variable-speed glides (legato)
Harmonization Editor to create custom voicings
Customizable key ‘touch’, microtuning + more
CONSOLE: Modular FX rack & mixer with 30 modules and 5 channels
Pedal Steel available now for Kontakt Player at the the intro price of $149 (MSRP: $199) and is fully NKS compatible.

For all details visit the official Pedal Steel page at Impact Soundworks