I picked up Orange Tree Samples Steel String


As you might have seen when I posted about checking out acoustic guitar libraries a while ago I was blown away by the realism of Orange Tree’s Evolution Steel String Guitar library.

I bought it over the weekend and got to sit down and play it for a little while and I am thrilled with my purchase. Now this library does retail for $179.00 USD – which is about the costs of a thrift store guitar, and I am a guitar player . . . so why did I NEED this library?

So many of my projects need to be done quickly (like 48 hours delivery with notes, revisions, mixing and mastering) and I needed a midi guitar library that I would believe was real. There are a couple others on the market which I think sound great (I am a fan of Pettinhouse libraries as well) but the tone of the samples on this one sound great and the scripting is “evolutionary” 🙂

thats my 2 cents.

Thanks Greg and the Orange Tree crew!