Herman Samples release Frozen Piano for Kontakt


Herman Samples release Frozen Piano

The perfect piano for each composition is always hard to find! New developer Herman Samples has released Frozen Piano, a piano library for Kontakt designed for layering purposes.

“The aim was to explore new techniques and sounds that can inspire and bring new detail to compositions.”

10 piano, 2 extra and 3 miscelaneous patches
Felt piano: 3 velocity layers, 3 round robins, separate key and pedal noises
Intelligent pedal: pedal that adapts to playstyle
Custom preset system
Felt piano features pedal down sample switch for a more realistic performance
recorded stereo, 1 mic position
44.1KHz/24bit, 44.1KHz/32bit
requires full retail version of Kontakt 5.5.0 and above
Size: 9GB

The developer also looks to be making several advances for using the libraries in your work including:

– along with piano patches, there are two extra patches recorded for layering purposes
– felt piano patches feature an Intelligent Pedal Switch, which adjusts the volume of the pedal noises according to playstyle
– Sustain Pedal Sample Switch
– A Try it! section on the website that lets people try the interface in their browser

For all details visit the official Frozen Piano page at Herman Samples


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