Heavyocity releases Allure: Modern Upright for Kontakt Player


Check out Heavyocity‘s latesest release, Allure: Modern Upright.  For a limited time, this piano library is available at an introductory offer of $119 (regular price $149).  It’s NKS compatible and runs in the free Kontakt Player 6.8 or higher.  Registered owners of Ascend, Aspire, or Avant save an additional $20 with coupon code ALLURE4OWNERS.  More details from Heavyocity below.


Allure: Modern Upright is a reimagining of the upright piano, its essence captured, both natural and felted, with unique performances and extended techniques in this intimate piano virtual instrument. This is where emotion meets expression, unveiling intriguing sonic realms, and creativity extends beyond its physical keys.

We captured the intimacy and warmth of a premium upright piano, the K-800. Every nuance and detail, both natural and felted, creates a delicate resonance and expressive dynamics.

Explore a rich tonal palette where every subtlety resonates with emotion and depth—from the classic warmth of the natural upright piano to the nuanced intimacy of the felted tone.

With Allure, we’ve pushed past the confines of the ordinary, delving into a world of captivating performances and creative techniques. From delicate twine to resonant plucks, we capture the essence of intimate expression, offering a palette of sonic possibilities for your creative exploration.


Please visit Heavyocity for more information.