Heavyocity release Mosaic Bass


Heavyocity is back with the next in their Mosiac line of Kontakt player Instruments – this time a focus on Bass!

MOSAIC BASS continues the mission of The Mosaic Series: empowering composers to create dynamic, cinematic textures from a palette of inspiring sound sources. A passion project of the Heavyocity team, The Mosaic Series is a line of virtual instruments built around what we find inspiring about a specific musical element — and this time, the focus is on SYNTH BASS.


Combining growling sampled synth with vibrant organic attacks and intricate noise layers, MOSAIC BASS re-envisions what the lower register is truly capable of in a cinematic score. Build your next cue from the bottom up with almost 200 expertly-crafted snapshots — from droning pulses to driving grooves. With over 3 GB of production-ready content, MOSAIC BASS delivers on the work that MOSAIC KEYS & MOSAIC VOICES started — pushing the traditional forward into a complex, modern scoring tool.

Mosiac Bass is currently on a social intro price of $99 (reg $119.00).