Heavyocity introduces Solo Textures for Kontakt 7 Player


Heavyocity introduced a new release called Solo Textures.  This unique string library is available at an introductory price of $119 (regular price $149) until March 18th, 2024.  Registered owners of NOVO, FORZO, VENTO, or Symphonic Destruction get an additional $20 off.  Solo Textures is NKS compatible and runs in the free Kontakt Player 7.8 and the full version of Kontakt.  More details from Heavyocity below.


The intimacy of solo violin, viola, and cello, captured and melded with Heavyocity’s signature sound design. Solo Textures delivers the expressive, rhythmic, and emotional nuance only found in the performances of solo instruments.

Explore the nuance of 16 unique sustained and detaché articulations, 10+ Soundscapes and Arpeggios, and Hybrid textures across solo violin, viola, and cello. From delicate rhythmic patterns to flowing combinations, Solo Textures offers a suite of inspiring and moving performances.

Fusing pristine solo violin, viola, and cello sources with Heavyocity‘s innovative NOVO engine, Solo Textures delivers a unique blend of organic and treated solo string elements. Perfect for crafting intimate, contemporary performances, discover the distinctive ebb and flow achieved only with live players.

With a collection of over 220 meticulously crafted snapshot presets, Solo Textures invites you to play more and spend less time tweaking. These presets serve as inspiring starting points, enabling you to effortlessly delve into composing with solo textures and rhythms.


Please visit Heavyocity for more information.