Gothic Instruments release Dronar World Flutes with Intro Pricing


Gothic Instruments has release Dronar World Flutes!

The latest in the Donrar series, this Dronar module for Kontatk is released with a special 20% OFF intro price of  £47.95 (reg £49.96)

“Conjure a complete universe of sound that evolves from darkness and trepidation to hope and promise with one of Gothic Instruments’ most versatile DRONAR modules released to date – DRONAR World Flutes.

Combining rich organic Chinese dizi, Irish whistle, ocarina and pan pipes textures with DRONAR’s deep, expressive and innovative atmospheric sound creation tools, it’ll take you just a few clicks to craft otherworldly yet deeply human atmospheres, pads, soundscapes and more to whisk your listeners on a journey from fear and suspense to uplifting optimism.”

For more demos and details visit Time & Space official Dronar World Flutes! page