Gothic Instruments release DRONAR Distorchestra


Gothic Instruments has announced DRONAR Distorchestra

Distorchestra is the 13th DRONAR Module. Harking back to the cinematic sound of their popular first “Hybrid” module, Distorchestra uses orchestral samples (strings, brass and woodwinds) processed by sound design genius Alessandro Camnasio (Aquaman, Us, Fantastic Beasts) to create an infinity of complex, organic pad textures.

Library normally sells for $66. There is 20% off of these prices until 30th April.

“If you’ve previously bought a Gothic Instruments title from Time+Space use code: GOTHLOYA20 when you checkout to save 20% off this title at any time! This code can also be used against other Gothic Instruments libraries. NOTE: You must be logged into your account when you checkout to take advantage of this discount.”

For all details visit the official DRONAR Distorchestra page at Time+ Space official instrument page