FREE with Purchase: Duo by Antares


Plugin Boutique announced that for the entire month of May, you can receive Duo by Antares for FREE with your purchase.  This offer ends on May 31st.  More details from Plugin Boutique below.


Get Antares Duo for FREE with your purchase.

How It Works:

-Make sure you have a registered Plugin Boutique account. If you do not have an account, you can create one.
-Add any paid-for product to your basket (This offer is not valid on free products).
-Select one free gift from the choice of three and complete checkout.
-Don’t use Virtual Cash or a coupon for the FULL amount of the transaction. (Any amount less than 100% is still OK though!)

Doubling is one of the best techniques for fattening up a lead vocal or giving it extra depth. DUO is the easiest way to enhance vocals with a realistic doubled vocal part – automatically generated from your existing vocal.  In addition to programmable variation in pitch, timing and vibrato depth, DUO includes adjustable vocal timbre modelling, so you can create a doubled part that sounds like the same person as the lead vocalist – or like someone else entirely.

It also gives you independent control of the level and pan of the original and doubled voices, so you can craft the perfect stereo mix.  Just put DUO on your vocal track, and adjust the various parameters and output controls to create exactly the doubling effect you’re looking for Instant doubling.


For more information, please visit Plugin Boutique