Free with Every Purchase at APD: Mindful Harmony Premium 3-Month Subscription


APD announced a February Freebie.  The Mindful Harmony 3-month subscription will be available for free to any customer who purchases any Deal in the month of February.  To receive this free download, customers must claim them on the cart page by clicking the yellow “Claim” button next to each item.  This offer ends on February 29th, 2024.  More details from APD below.


Bring your dream compositions to life with Mindful Harmony’s powerful music theory algorithms. Explore the interactive circle of fifths chart with modes, find beautiful chords in any key, and make mindful modulations.

Discover chords across all keys and modes, and experiment with great piano chord voicings. Explore dominants, sub-dominants, and borrowed chords from any mode. Finding chords for modal interchange has never been easier. Get insightful suggestions for crafting seamless modulations between keys, adding an extra layer of depth to your songs. Write amazing music and learn music theory concepts in the process.


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