FREE Download: Songbird – Toy Kalimba by IamLamprey


IamLamprey announced a new freebie, Songbird.  You can download this toy kalimba library now for FREE.  It’s available for NEAT Player v0_17+ and the full version of Kontakt 5.8+.  More details from IamLamprey below. 

Songbird is a deeply sampled toy Kalimba I bought a few months ago. It has multiple velocity layers and four round-robins for a simple, yet expressive sound. 

Songbird comes with 3 velocity layers and 4 round-robins.  Keyrange G2-E5 and ADSR controls included to sculpt the sound. Kontakt effects include Reverb, Delay & Chorus. 

For more information, please visit IamLamprey