FREE Download: Infinite Collection Demo Pack by Emergence Audio


Emergence Audio has introduced the Infinite Collection Demo Pack. You can download it now for FREE.  It’s NKS compatible and runs in the free Kontakt Player 7.2 or higher.   The demo pack is a great introduction to Emergence Audio‘s Infinite Series so be sure to check it out!  More details from Emergence Audio below. 

Emergence Audio is proud to present our completely free demo pack, The Infinite Collection.  The demo pack is limited and contains only one source sound per layer, limited presets, one LFO with only sine wave selection, two convolution reverbs, and delay available in effects, among other restrictions. Despite its limitations, it’s a fantastic way to explore and understand our sound design before committing to the full version.  The Infinite Collections currently encompass 9 of our exceptional instruments, with the promise of introducing new additions every year. 

Stay immersed in you creative flow with Emergence Audio’s Infinite Motion Engine™ Series.  Our intuitive interface and innovative approach will seamlessly integrate with your workflow.  Keep the inspiration going as your ideas come to life. 

For more information, please visit Emergence Audio.