Forte Composer Academy releases Advanced Virtual Orchestra Realism Bundle


Forte Composer Academy has announced a new course bundle: Advanced Virtual Orchestra Realism.  It’s available at an introductory price of $325 (regular price $400) until August 1st, 2023.  This bundle includes both Bringing Virtual Orchestra Music to Life Volume 1 & 2 courses. More details from Forte Composer Academy below. 

Get expert-level mockup, virtual orchestration, performance, and production techniques from the Advanced Virtual Orchestra Realism Bundle to make your sample-library-created music more believable and emotionally compelling than ever.  Include is Bringing Virtual Orchestra Music to Life Vol. 1: Expression, Dynamics, and Performance as well as Bringing Virtual Orchestra Music to Life Vol. 2: Sample Library and Articulation Wizardry. 

Volume One (Expression, Dynamics, and Performance) tackles the first problem. In creating this course I went to both my roots as a classical piano student (was gonna say classical pianist but that is a bit of a stretch if I’m honest) and my 18+ years of experience working with sampled instruments to craft both a bootcamp in musicality AND a practical, technical guide on applying these timeless principles of expression to modern computer tools.

Volume Two (Sample Library and Articulation Wizardry) tackles the second by walking you through the common musical jobs/functions that your instrumental parts need to perform, and which sample library or patch types are best for those tasks. I also walk you through the primary articulation types in orchestral music, their traditional purposes, and how they are uniquely expressed, packaged, and controlled in virtual instruments.

These volumes are also available individually to purchase.  The price for these courses will only remain at $175 each until August 1st, 2023, at which point the price will rise to $225 apiece.

For more information, please visit Forte Composer Academy.