Fallout Music Group launches Trailer Toolkit Vol.2: Sci-Fi


Fallout Music Group have launched a new release called Trailer Toolkit vol. 2: Sci-Fi.  For a limited time, this collection of sounds is available for the intro price of $29 (regular price $39).  All samples are WAV files in 24bit/48k quality.  More details from Fallout Music Group below.


We are very pleased to announce the release of our second Trailer Toolkit Sound Pack! Volume 2: Sci-Fi is a large collection of Sci-Fi inspired trailer FX, including Whooshes, Whoosh Hits, Hits, Booms, Downers and Risers.

Trailer Toolkit vol. 2: Sci-Fi is perfect for future, sci-fi, and even action and hybrid trailers and tv productions, giving you an unprecedented sound palette, ready to go. It includes Booms, Hits, Downers, Risers, Whoosh Hits, and Whooshes.


For more information, please visit Fallout Music Group.