Explore the Horns Layers instrument featured in Maleventum Pompeii by Silence+Other Sounds


In anticipation of its release this Friday, Silence+Other Sounds have introduced the fourth and last walkthrough of Maleventum Pompeii.  Giuseppe, from Silence+Other Sounds, focuses on the Horns Layers instrument featured in the library, featuring 79 different sources, 100+ snapshots and Kontakt MPE multis.

If you pre-order Maleventum Pompeii now, you can save 40% and purchase it for $59 (regular price $99).  This library will be released on December 8th. Pre-orders will receive a coupon on that date to download the library. The full version of Kontakt 6.6.1 or higher is required.


For more information, please visit Silence+Other Sounds.