NEWS: Orange Tree Samples releases new Evolution Flatpick 6 with special intro pricing @OTSamples



Orange Tree Samples has announced the release of the newest member of the Evolution family of guitars: Evolution Flatpick 6.

“From feathery soft dynamics to bright energetic sustains, Evolution Flatpick 6 gives you a highly-authentic flatpicking guitar perfect for folk, country, and bluegrass music. Evolution Flatpick 6 features a handcrafted steel string acoustic guitar with a full, lively tone.

The Evolution Flatpick 6 sample library includes all the essential articulations such as sustains, natural harmonics, palm mutes, fully muted notes, and legato (hammer-ons, pull offs, and slides). Additionally, it provides effects like tapped sustains, body hits, and other useful performance techniques.”

Evolution Flatpick 6 normally sells for $179 USD, but is on special intro price of $139 till September 9th. 

Get it here.

Owners of the the Evolution Guitar Bundle can repurchase the bundle at an automatically discounted price (provided you’re logged into your account) to add Evolution Flatpick 6 as a special bundle upgrade deal.