Emergence Audio introduces Infinite Upright for Kontakt Player


Emergence Audio just launched their latest creation, Infinite Upright.  For a limited time, this textural piano library is available for $99 (regular price $149).  It’s NKS compatible and runs in the free Kontakt Player 7.7.3 or later.  More details from Emergence Audio below.


At Emergence Audio, we’re thrilled to introduce Infinite Upright, a unique piano collection crafted by our founder and award-winning composer, Michael Vignola. Our journey started with a vintage 1980s Baldwin Upright piano, known for its rich tone and resonance. Mike meticulously performed and designed each sound, using Eurorack modular systems, advanced digital and analog processing. Infinite Upright blends the piano’s traditional charm with modern synthesis, offering a wide range of sounds from gentle ambient layers to intense, evocative harmonics.

Infinite Upright it’s a versatile tool for music production. Ideal for film scoring, ambient music, thematic songwriting, and dynamic sound design, this collection encourages artists to blend classical and contemporary styles, exploring new musical landscapes. We hope Infinite Upright becomes a cornerstone of your creative process, inspiring your projects and enhancing your artistic expression.

Let Infinite Upright open new creative possibilities in your music.


Please visit Emergence Audio for more information.