Dream Audio Tools release POINTS for Kotnakt


Dream Audio Tools just released POINTS for Native Instruments Kontakt. POINTS is available for €49 from Dream Audio Tools

POINTS is the new cinematic chapter at Dream Audio Tools, a three oscillators instrument based on a new soundset all derived from stringed instruments (Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Hammered Bouzouki, Hammered Ukulele, Hammered Mandolin).

Each oscillator includes unique articulations like:

– Erratic (random flowing notes in a pointillistic-like fashion)
– Hammered folk instruments (Bouzouki, Ukulele, Mandolin)
– Reversed instruments
– Sequenced guitar patterns
– Granularized stringed instruments

For a potentially unlimited range of sonic combinations and possibilities. All presets, sustained or sequenced are FULLY PLAYABLE in a piano-like form.

POINTS also features fifty inspirational presets in the following categories: Erratic, Pads, Reversed, Stringed, Synthetic.

Here’s a walktrough of a selection of presets from “Sequenced” category:

More info visit Dream Audio Tools