DHPlugins’ MOD-EQ-1 on sale for $19


Check out APD‘s latest deal featuring 62% off MOD-EQ-1 by DHPlugins.  This plugin is available for just $19 (regular price $49) until February 6th, 2024.  It’s available for Mac and PC in AU, VST3, and AAX plugin formats.  More details from APD below.


With the MOD-EQ-1’s simple and intuitive workflow you can instantly dial in subtle to extreme results, or select from a huge library of 350 diverse presets.  A custom LFO shape designer allows you to create your own modulations to either sync to your DAW or run in free mode, allowing control of one LFO rate with the other LFO.

On top of the 5 bands of EQ the All-Pass filter mode adds even further sound design potential creating sweeping phaser-like modulations and futuristic soundscapes.


For more information, please visit Audio Plugin Deals.