Demos Aztec Death Whistle from @Soundiron


From Soundiron
“Official demos for Soundiron‘s Aztec Death Whistle library for Kontakt. Tracks labeled “naked” use only sounds from this library. This deeply sampled folk wind instrument library captures the dark soul of the ancient Aztec death whistle, a ceremonial clay resonator used during human sacrifice rituals and warfare at the height of the Aztec empire in Central America. This whistle has a harsh, raspy sound very much like a dying breath. It is the sound of death incarnate. We recorded sustains, flutter-tongues, staccatos, hand percussion and effects with multiple dynamic layers and up to 12x round-robin. It also features a wide variety of dark, ethereal and sinister sound designed ambiences, synth patches and FX presets created with the raw acoustic source to give you plenty of nightmare fuel.”