Demo Round Up July 2015 Sample Library Review


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Demo Round Up July 2015

Virtual Instrument Review Playlist

There is no better way to hear the quality and expressiveness of a new sample instrument than to put it in the hands of a capable composer. Each month we curate a playlist of sample library demos created by composers and developers to showcase the newest virtual instruments.


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Demo Round Up July 2015 Playlist


In the July 2015 Demo Round Up we check out music using instruments from Heavyocity, Impact Soundworks, Sample Logic, Ethnaudio, Impact Soundworks, Vir2 Instruments, Sound-Dust, Modwheel & Sonokinetic Virtual Instrument Review Playlist. In this video Don plays through some of the Demo’s that made it on to the Sample Library Review May 2015 Playlist. The playlist is of demonstration music created by composers and developers to showcase new instruments. Virtual instrument review.

This video virtual instrument review features the following demos and developers:

  • “Anomalies” by Ari Winters using GRAVITY Only from Heavyocity
  • “Frost” (Naked) by Blake Ewing featuring PEARL Concert Grand from Impact Soundworks
  • “High On Desert Ridge” by Rod Abernethy using Cinematic Guitars Inifinity by Sample Logic
  • “A Shadow to Prevail” by Danny Baranowsky & FamilyJules7x using SHREDDAGE DRUMS from Impact Soundworks
  • “Inferno Face” by Neil Goldberg (GRAVITY Only) GRAVITY: Modern Scoring Tools from Heavyocity
  • A Demo using Doudouk by Ethnaudio
  • “Too Close To The Sun” using Apollo Cinematic Guitars from Vir2 Instruments
  • “Through The Clouds” by Jonathan Sharp using Cloud Cell by Sound-Dust
  • “Anticyclone” by Pendle Cloud Cell by Sound-Dust
  • Wibben created a track using only Gravity from Heavyocity
  • “The Fog” using HUMDRUM from Modwheel
  • “Angel Of Agony” By Dirk Ehlert using Sonokinetic‘s Tutti Vox Cinematic Choir
  • Demo composed by Stefano Maccarelli using Clara’s Vocal
  • “NYC” by Sascha Knorr using Tutti Vox Demo from Sonokinetic




“Hi, I’m Don Bodin from  I’m very excited to share this month’s demo round-up.

Sample Library Developers

This month, we have demos using Heavyocity, Sample Logic, Impact SoundworksVir2 Instruments, Ethnaudio, Modwheels, Cinematic Music Factory, Sonokinetic and Sound-Dust.  Each month we compile a playlist of demo music created by composers and developers to showcase the newest releases in virtual instruments.”

The Software Instrument Demos

“First I’d like to check out a demo from Neil Goldberg called “The Inferno Face” using Heavyocity, new GRAVITY.

Composer and Anne-Katherine Durn created the mode for Apollo Cinematic Guitars from Vir2 Instruments.  The next up is a demo called “The Fog” using HUMDRUM from Modwheel.  Next up we’ve got a composition called “Frost” by Blake Ewing using Impact Soundworks Pearl Concert Grand.

Next up we’ve got some music by Rod Abernethy who you would all probably familiar with.  He composed “High on Desert Ridge” using Sample Logics Infinity.

Now add a little excitement to the playlist this month, we’ve got music by Danny Baranowsky & Family Jules 7X.  The track is called “A Shadow Prevail” and is using Impact Soundworks Shreddage Drums.

Ethnaudio very creatively entitled their demo “A Demo” using the new Ethnaudio Doudouk.
Next up is a demo called Clara’s Vocal demo from Stefano Maccarelli.  This is a free instrument from Cinematic Music Factor.
Now we close up this month demo round-up with “Through The Clouds” by Jonathan Sharp.  Now this is using Cloud Cello by Sound-Dust.

Submit Virtual Instrument Demos

Thanks for checking out this month’s demo round-up.  If there are some instruments and demos that you didn’t make my playlist that you think should, then go to and look for submit audio and video, make sure it gets on my radar for next month.”