DEMO: Kwaya, African Voices PREVIEW Eduardo Tarilonte @samplingarts available in MAY from @bestservicenews


About once a month someone emails or contacts me about an “african choir” library. Up until now there really weren’t any I knew of as most of the African Choir libraries were loop packs and pre-recorded chants/etc so it is very exciting to see  that Eduardo Tarilonte, the developer behind the Altus, Cantus, ERA Medieval Legends and Forest Kingdom has announced the new Kwaya, African Voices by releasing 8 demos showing off the abilities of the soon to be released library.

Description in the soundcloud playlist credits the award winning choir Aba Taano from Uganda as the sample source for the instrument made up of  6 singers: 4 men and 2 women recorded solo to build your own ensemble.
Library will contain 40 syllables, 5 vowels and mm articulation, true legato for 5 vowels and more than 700 vocal fx KWAYA stands for unbeatable flexibility and unrivalled inspiration.

Release date scheduled for May 2016 and will be available from Best Service