CYBER is a cinematic sound design toolkit for Kontakt out now


CYBER is a new cinematic sound design toolkit for Kontakt out now from Vst Buzz.

The library is available bow for $49 or free with rewards points – check your Vst Buzz Account for details.

Combing sonic elements of techno music and morphing them into cinematic sounds, perfect for trailer music and sound design.

The library contains over 500 modern techno cinematic sounds including Textures, Synth Rhythms, Risers, Stingers, Glitches and more, that are ideal for adding a very unique, electronic / cinematic sound to your tracks.

“What would happen if EDM & Trailer music had a baby? That’s what we wanted to answer when creating CYBER!”

CYBER is a cinematic sound design and scoring toolkit for Kontakt (.WAV files included), designed for creating cutting edge electronic sounds for dramatic, high energy, cinematic music.

The library contains over 500+ sounds (1.7GB) recorded in 96kHz/24bit split into the following categories:

  • Drones (12)
  • Designed Drones (8)
  • FX (37)
  • Glitches (50)
  • Stingers (47)
  • Synth Rhythms (43)
  • Textures (30)
  • Grooves (35)
  • Kicks (203)
  • Passbys (70)
  • Reverses (48)
  • Risers (44)

“This is a highly stylised electro cinematic toolkit that’s hugedisturbed, screaming and unique – think aliens, cyborgs, space ships and over the top cinematic action.”

For all the details visit the official CYBER page at Vst Buzz.