Cinesamples release “Sonore” Trumpet & Horn Library


 Cinesamples’ newest addition to the CineBrass family, Sonore, is a trumpet and horns library that prioritizes tone and body instead of concentrating solely on loud dynamics.


“Sonore (adj.): resonant; with rich tone. When you see “sonore” written in a musical score, the composer is simply asking the musicians to play with the maximum resonance, body and tone of which they are capable. It is the opposite concept of brashness and blasting – “sonore” is a thick and warm sound.”

The library runs in Kontakt (full) 5.7.2 or higher and sells for $199. At the time of posting Sonore is available on a special intro price of $169from  Cinesamples.

See articulations list and all functionality on the official Sonore page.