Cinesamples release Sew What – sewing machine inspired sample library for Kontakt


Samples of pitched and non-pitched, from sewing machines and knitting needles to buttons, cloth, and scissors for Kontakt.

Sew What is available with a retail price of $79.00. At the time of posting the library is on a special intro price of $69.

I have included some details below but for more info jump to the Sew What page at Cinesamples


“We were approached by composer Christopher Lennertz to build a custom library for a recent animated film. His request – all sounds related to sewing. So, off we went to the craft shop to get our materials.”

SEW WHAT is a combo of single shot pitched and non-pitched percussion with the option of a built-in arppegiator and effects rack.

We got funny looks in Michael’s Craft Shop while we “played” all of their merchandise, but they were happy when we walked out with full carts of everything sewing related!

ThreadElasticShoelacesCardboardFabricClothEmbroidery HoopsScissorsButtonsBeadsKnitting NeedlesTape measureVelcroZippers
We ripped cloth and velcro. We dropped buttons and beads, put them in jars and shook them. We suspended knitting needles and hit them. We plucked thread and elastic. We even found out that our 3 pairs of scissors have very different sounds.

From the cloth and embroidery hoops, we made awesome frame drums. From the shoelaces and a guitar frame, we made a custom guitar. We stretched a long suede shoelace across a shovel handle to make a shoelace bass.

Then came the sewing machines! Everyone brought in their family sewing machine – from a vintage 1930 crank model to an ultra modern programmable electronic machine and everything in between. We recorded them at different speeds (when possible) and programmed them to tempo-sync to your DAW.

We included an arpeggiation section in which you can design your own tempo-synced rhythms and an effects page to further customise each sound.

For all details visit the official Sew What page at Cinesamples