Cinematique Instruments release Korn Deluxe


Cinematique Instruments have released a new granular engine called Korn Deluxe.  It’s available now for €79 and runs in the full version of Kontakt 7 or later.  More details from Cinematique Instruments below.


Korn is a Granular Engine that delivers unique and inspiring results.  It works as a sample-on-shot player as well as a looper and granular engine with beautiful cloud textures of up to 5 grains. As a source you can fall back on an included library of over 150 carefully selected samples from the complete CI library. But you can also simply throw your own samples onto Korn.

Korn comes with over 200 presets from the Textures, Clouds, Pads, Lead and Percussive / Rhythmic sections, which already provide you with a very complex selection of possibilities.

Korn also impresses with its ease of use. From the very beginning, it was important to us to push the complex nature of granular processing into the background and to give to select and use all tools in such a way that the work is simple and produces fast musical results.


For more information, please visit Cinematique Instruments.