Chocolate Audio release UPROAR VOL. 2 with bundle and intro offers


So thrilled to see our friends at Chocolate Audio has released Uproar 2! This is the 3rd of the Uproar series for Kontakt (including Uproar RAW mult-sampled instument and comes with 1,872 Loops weighing in as 2GB.


“Uproar Vol. 2 is a new collection of “songs” in multi-part loop format just like the original Uproar (now nicknamed Vol. 1). Vol. 2 is also based on the same ESP Custom 8-String Baritone Guitar used for Choco•Matic Uproar Vol. 1 a year and a half ago. The same amplified sounds, artfully played by shredding-maestro Gianluca Ferro, complement Choco•Matic Uproar Vol. 1 and can fit any cinematic or heavy-oriented scenario where a very low-ender aggressive sound is needed in your tracks.
Gianluca is an extremely talented artist and has been a tremendous help in getting an instrument this amazingly good in terms of realism.”


Chocolate Audio release UPROAR VOL. 2 with UPROAR BUNDLE and intro offers until January 31st, 2018.

Pick up Uproar Vol. 2, for the special intro price of $55 (30% OFF) or get Uproar Bundle, including Uproar Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 (loops) and Uproar RAW (multisample) for the special price of $125.00 (50% OFF)

See all details, demos and more videos at Chocolate Audio