Chocolate Audio announce Celestial Celesta for Kontakt with intro pricing


Chocolate Audio has announced Celestial Celesta for Kontakt with intro pricing

The library is on a special 40% OFF intro price (29.00 USD, discounted from 49.00 USD) at this time.

Official news from Chocolate Audio below.

“Here’s the story behind it: one of our Artists kept on using our Glissando Harps in his mock-ups and even on some final projects and wrote to me asking for a celesta, an instrument he often layers with harp in his pieces.
He went: “I own, maybe, all of the sampled celestas out there, but they are so hard to fit in real scenarios, sounding very unbalanced, stingy if not harsh to my ears and I have an hard time blending them in my compositions, no matter if they use samples only or predominantly actual recordings”.”


As a matter of facts we had just sampled a Celesta with pretty much the same idea, so, after a several weeks of careful development and feedback, here it comes: an instrument we strived to sample and edit in such a way that makes it sound very well balanced from the start.

We sampled a vintage French instrument, 49 keys, and took extra care in making sure all of the mechanics were tuned and set-up to the best of their capabilities.
It’s amazing how a project that started out as a simple one in my brain, ended up way more complete and time-consuming for us to create.

All of these efforts are, in my opinion, well put in this newly released instrument.

A bit more info:
0.5 GB (lossless compressed) library size, 449 samples

4 layered channels: spot mics with AKG C414EB, Decca mics with AKG C451E-CK22 and 2 additional sound-designed options, Hyped and Diffuse

chromatically sampled

custom User Interface

velocity curve management

fine-tuned three-band EQ for each channel

many under the hood techniques to make the instrument true to the original (release trails attenuation, intelligent release and pedal action…)

envelope controls

8 NKIs: defaukt, with hi-pass, multi-outs, a custom edit due to an Artist’s request and relative combinations

17 factory presets + user-savable presets
sampled with Millennia preamps fed direct into Apogee converters

recorded at 24 bit / 96 KHz, released at 24 bit / 44.1 KHz

This instrument, just like every other instrument we released so far required the full version of Kontakt (5.5.2 or more).

For all details visit the official Celestial Celesta for Kontakt with intro pricing page at Chocolate Audio