Checking out all the Walkthroughs of Symphony Series Brass from @Soundiron preparing for a big review!


Spending the morning rewatching all the official Soundiron videos for the SSBrass as I dig in for a full review!

The library is in 2 official parts (that can be bought as a bundle) with Symphony Series Brass Ensemble, massive 32-piece with a broad selection of articulations and orchestral brass effects and . . .

The Symphony Series Brass Solo is a 5-piece brass soloist library features a broad selection of of articulations for instruments including Trumpet, Tenor Trombone, 1st Horn, 2nd Horn and Bass Tuba soloists

Each kontakt instrument has the option to load up to 4 micr positions (stereo, close, mid & far) and apply EQ, Reverb, Compression or filter effects.

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