Check Out what Rigid Audio are up to with new Hypernode (pre-order offer available)


I am pretty impressed with this new electronic music arranger, Hypernode that Rigid Audio is showing off here!

The library is on Pre-order price of $49 (instead of $299) at Rigid Audio for just a couple more days.

“Hypernode is a fully modular electronic music arranger and a collection of over 300 KONTAKT® multi instruments, serving pretty much most of contemporary electronic music styles and genres (pop, dance, ambient, chillout, dubstep, etc).

Each multi instrument is called a “style” and can be seen like a whole song complete with intro, chorus, verse and so on. You can edit any part, any section and / or sounds of each multi to your liking.

Hypernode ships with over 600 factory sounds (24 bit, 44 kHz), ranging from keys and guitars to synthesizer waveforms and hybrids. You can edit every aspect of the included sounds down to the smallest detail utilizing filters, envelopes, LFO’s and effects. Hypernode comes with 14 modules.”