Bunker Samples release Sticks & Stones – Vietnamese Lithophone for Kontakt


Bunker Samples have a new release called Sticks & Stones – Vietnamese Lithophone.  This unique instrument is available at an introductory offer of $19 (regular price $29) from now until June 14th, 2024.  The full version of Kontakt 6 or higher is required.  More details from Bunker Samples below.


Sticks and Stones is a one-of-a-kind Vietnamese lithophone, a pitched percussion instrument made from stone, meticulously sampled in a top Hanoi studio by a professional lithophone player.

Sticks & Stones an instrument that’s directly connected to nature, cultures and musical traditions that spans the globe and pre-dates modern civilization. It’s raw, earthy, beautiful and in-your-face all at once, and if you are brave enough you can use it to replace your standard orchstral glockenspiel, when you need one that actually goes to 11. It’s nimble and agile with a huge dynamic range, and it’s great for anytime you need a sound that instantly conjures up nature and ancient cultures – or just for layering with your synths for some extra delicious bell tones.


Please visit Bunker Samples for more information.