Bunker Samples release Off-World for Kontakt


Bunker Samples release Off-World for Kontakt.
The library is on a special intro price of €29 until Nov 2 ,2020 (reg €39)

Off-World is a one of a kind sample library based on a unique sound source: A bowed and processed Vietnamese monochord, known as a Đàn bầu. The standout feature of the Dan Bau is a bamboo handle that is just begging to be used for expressive pitch bending, so that is the focus of Off-World Vol. 1: Deep sampled pitch bends, mapped in a bespoke Kontakt engine that makes this instrument a joy to play.

Off-World gives you big and bold sounds, with a single focus: Organically performed pitch bends. Using a unique sound source and processing it through octave generators, distortion and huge reverbs, the result is reminiscent of the sonic world of Bladerunner. Each pitch-bend was carefully performed by hand on a traditional Vietnamse monochord, and mapped in a bespoke Kontakt engine, making it a truly playable instrument, with a distinct human feel. It also comes with all the raw, un-processed samples mapped in the Off-World engine, making it a sound designer’s dream and a secret weapon for media composers.

For all details visit the official  Bunker Samples Off-World page