Beast Samples release Psychedelic Guitars VSTi


Beast Samples has released Psychedelic Guitars VSTi.  For a limited time, you can save 60% and purchase this guitar library for just $27 instead of the normal $69 price.  AU and VST3 plugin formats are supported.  This special offer will run until December 24th, 2022.  More details from Beast Samples below. 

The Psychedelic Guitars is a VSTi (virtual instrument) guitar plugin made to provide with unique sounds all the music-makers out there. Every sound that is included in the Psychedelic Guitars is a complex & distinct composition combined with a straight-forward interface so the user won’t waste time tuning buttons but stay focused on the creating process.

The purpose of Psychedelic Guitars is not to imitate the common virtual guitarist but while it offers the full spectrum of an electric guitar, it also exploits the full potential of guitar as instrument.  With 3 different sound modes to combine & choose from, you gain access to unlimited guitar sounds that have yet to be discovered. 

For more information, please visit Beast Samples.