Available Now: Handy Drums Update v.1.4.1 by Goran Grooves


Goran Grooves has just released a software update, v1.4.1, for all Handy Drums for both Windows and Mac. This maintenance update resolves several stability issues users have reported, including crashes in FL Studio, Cubase, and Ableton Live.  You will find the updates in your Goran Grooves Library account for the products you purchased/ are trying out.  More details from Goran Grooves below. 

Handy Drums update v1.4.1 is a maintenance update that fixes several issues previously reported.

-In FL Studio, projects with tempos below 108BPM were crashing- FIXED

-Ableton Live 11 and Cubase: in certain circumstances, when using variable hi-hats, DAW would crash- FIXED

-Logic Pro: popup to locate the sample library every time the plugin is initiated (even though the sample library has been located) no longer comes up

-It is now possible to select all buffer sizes in the standalone mode, even if they are not a multiple of 8. This allows the selection of certain ASIO drivers on Windows that was not previously possible.

For more information, please visit Goran Grooves