AVA Music Group announces Trailer Music Challenge 2023


AVA Music Group has announced the Trailer Music Challenge 2023.  From now until June 25th, 2023, create your best trailer soundtrack for a chance to win up to $1000 worth of audio goodies.  More details from AVA Music Group below. 

Calling all trailer composers!  Our first trailer music challenge is live!  Win $1,000 in audio goodies by creating your best trailer soundtrack.  Are you ready??

How to participate ? Very simple…

STEP 1 : Download your media kit from the contest page. The kit contains plenty of one shot samples and loops as well as a 1 min video to showcase your soundtrack.

STEP 2 : Create your best trailer soundtrack on top of the video using only the sounds provided.
You’re free to process the sounds however you want it to sound. You can distort, stretch, pitch…etc. Be creative! You can use other sounds for percussions.
Length : 1 min max
Theme : Japanese Cyberpunk

STEP 3 : Post the video with your soundtrack before JUNE 25th on your Instagram account or Youtube channel using the hashtag #AVAtrailerchallenge2023 in the title. 

For more informaiton, please visit AVA Music Group.