Slate and Ash’s new AURAS Promo Video Showcases MPE / Roli Support for New Kontakt Instrument


Developer Slate and Ash have some very exciting instruments in the works!

AURAS, an “experimental sonic sculptures” instrument, sure sounds like it is pushing the boundaries of fluid, transformable soundscapes!

And the team have the credits to back up their claim working with some of the most exciting voices in modern film scoring, including Jóhann Jóhannsson (Arrival), Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury (Annihilation, Black Mirror, Ex_Machina), and Daniel Pemberton (One Strange Rock).

The team has designed the soon-to-be-released Kontakt instrument to work with MPE technology (Seaboard, Blocks) as well as traditional MIDI keyboards and controllers.

AURAS will sell with an introductory price of £149 until 11th July 2018 (regular price £179). No official release date posted at this time.

The first 150 copies come with the option of a free limited edition 12″ AURAS LP (subject to postage fees).

Visit Slate and Ash for more details.