Audiofier release Veevum Astra, Terra & Luna


Audiofier has release three new instruments in their Veevum series: Astra, Terra & LunaNew Veevum Instruments.

“VEEVUM is a growing series of Ambient and Cinematic instruments for modern producers and composers.”

VEEVUM ASTRA is the fourth member of VEEVUM SERIES. With this installment we wanted to explore new sound scapes possibilities, producing more evolving recordings as the sources of VEEVUM’s samples pool.

VEEVUM ASTRA’s sounds mutate overtime, in unpredictable ways, even within the same sound source. Coupled with VEEVUM SERIES unique engine, these sounds will never sound stale or repetitive.

With VEEVUM TERRA we went back to sampling acoustic instruments. We used various recording equipment including analog tape, cassette tape, valve preamps and consoles. Then we processed the recordings further to make them unique and almost unrecognisable.
The result is an organic blend of old and new, earthly sampling as we define it, perfect for ambient and film music, but also beyond those boundaries of genre.

VEEVUM LUNA is the grittier of all VEEVUMs. With this instrument we wanted to stretch our imagination and vision for sound. We recorded synths through guitar pedals, drenched in an ever changing effect chain.

The result is a canvas of many colours, trending to degrade to grey. Many sound source thread the spacey territory, while others dwell on a dusty, rocky road. VEEVUM LUNA is the perfect companion that completes this series… for now.

Looks like each of the instruments are listed as $35 each (full Kontakt 5.8.1 required)
For a limited time you can get the new Veevum instruments (and the original Veevum One, A/D and Real) at the discounted intro price.

Use the COUPON code at checkout: “VEEVUM_INTRO” for special intro discount.

For all details on the Veevum series visit Audiofier