Audio Brewers’ release flagship Sample Libraries recorded, mixed, and delivered in Ambisonics.


Audio Brewers launches as the first company to create Sample Libraries and Virtual Instruments recorded, mixed, and delivered in Ambisonics.

As a first-of-a-kind product, featuring a beautiful Upright Piano from the late eighties, ‘The Upright’ offers composers the possibility to have control over how they want listeners to feel the message delivered through their music.

Thanks to Ambisonics recording and mixing techniques, and a decade of experience developing Sample Libraries, ‘Audio Brewers‘ opens a door to artists to be able to create music natively compatible with any speaker array configuration they can decode on – regardless of it being a Stereo, Surround, Atmos, Binaural or even for VR composition, ‘The Upright’ is natively compatible to the composer’s needs in from the moment they start writing music. Additionally, because the Ambisonics signal is three-dimensional, a new panning technique prior to decoding can be used to rotate in a realistic manner (no hard-panning) the source of the sound in any of the X, Y, or Z axes.
Finally, ‘The Upright’ also includes a stere-version for those who chose to use stereo-only compositions.

The Upright was sampled at pristine 24bit/48khz quality with ~14 velocity sustains totaling 100GB (compressed to 49GB lossless). It is compatible with Kontakt 6.2.1+ (FULL version) and will be released gradually in five volumes. Regardless of when you decide to purchase it, you will receive all Volumes (as they become available).

The Upright’s has an intro price of €99.00 (Volume I)

For more information visit Audio Brewers