Audible Genius launches Syntorial 2.0


Audible Genius, a pioneering educational music software company, is excited to announce a major 2.0 update to its flagship synthesizer course, Syntorial. To celebrate the launch, Audible Genius is offering a 40% off sale on Syntorial 2.  It’s available at the introductory offer of $77.99 (regular price $129.99) until July 6th, 2023.  A free demo including the first 22 lessons is available for those interested in experiencing the course. More details from Audible Genius below.

Since its inception in 2013, Syntorial has been a game-changer in synthesizer learning, offering a step-by-step, highly interactive, and ear-focused approach. The process empowers musicians with an intuitive ability to create the sounds they hear.

Joe Hanley, the creator of Syntorial, shares his excitement about the update: “Syntorial’s been out for 10 years. In that time I’ve learned so much from our incredibly engaged users, and refined my teaching approach through the development of other courses and curriculums. Syntorial 2.0 is the manifestation of everything I’ve learned, streamlined into a revamp of an already great synth course that I can’t wait for the world to experience.”

The 2.0 update heralds an exciting new era with a host of features designed to provide an even more enriching learning experience:

A modern and resizable User Interface
A new Visualizer, using animation to show Envelopes, LFO, and Filter operations in real time
Revamped videos with better pacing and face-to-face guidance with Joe Hanley
A new Randomizer mode for endless practice
More nuanced scoring and remapped parameters allowing for more consistent progress and less roadblocks
Shorter Group Challenges and Bonus Rounds
A 2.0 Sneak Peek video tour can be seen at

Audible Genius is committed to its mission statement: “We create educational courses for aspiring digital musicians that take them by the hand, show them exactly what to do, give them opportunities to do it, and connect it all to their ear so they can make the music they want in a natural and intuitive way.”

For more information, please visit Audible Genius.