Audia Lab introduces Infinite Packs Alpha


Audia Lab has introduced Infinite Packs Alpha, a next-generation instrument that harnesses generative AI to unlock creativity.  It’s available for $49.  Just select a vibe and genre, and Infinite Packs will generate a unique sample pack of music chops and drums.  Infinite Packs allows you to download your sample packs as raw sound files, so it will work with any DAW, platform, or workflow.  More details from Audia Lab below.


Infinite Packs is an ethically-trained generative AI instrument reminiscent of samplers and drum machines. It generates all the sounds you need to create sample-based music, including songs, drums, noise, glitches, and percs, and organizes them onto a 16-pad instrument. Think of it as infinite raw material and design space for your creativity.


Please visit Audia Lab for more information.