Atom Hub release Ghosts Of Autumn • Unique natural ambient textures for Kontakt


One of my favorite sound designers, Atom Hub, is back with a magnificent tribute to fall with a new “Ghosts of Autumn” sample library for Kontakt.

With 25 patches, loads of controls and a colorful and fitting interface, I can’t wait to check out Ghosts myself and share it in an upcoming video.

Ghosts of Autumn sells for just €24.99 from Atom Hub.

Until then check out the official newsletter announcement (below) or head over to Atom Hub for more demos and details about this slick and stylized virtual instrument.


Hello friends musicians !

After some time, Atom Hub is back with a new sample library ! This one is dedicated to all those who love the most colorful season of the year – autumn. Especially to those, who use to dream with their eyes open, absorbing all the beauty – sonic and visual as well, feeling inspired to transform this energy to a new piece of music, art. I am no exception and the result of my such creative urge is this sample library, which I believe can help with producing your art.

GOA is unique natural sound based instrument, which blends various field recordings with tonal sources. It consists of 25 patches, each loaded with 8 layers of samples – 4 natural and 4 tonal and enables you to come up instantly with serene as well as dark evolving never-heard soundscapes and atmospheres.

Let me invite you to visit for all the details, pdf manual, audio and video demos to get familiar with the library.