All Symphony Series Brass Collection Promos from Soundiron & NI


Yesterday was Brass day for us Sample Library loving composers and music makers with two wonderful developers releasing brass libraries for kontakt. Now that I’ve had a little time to look over the promos for Soundiron Symphony Series Brass Collection Bundle (which includes both ensemble and solo libraries) I am posting all the promos here for you!

It’s selling $499.99 (USD) from Visit the official site for the complete details. 

Here are the Official Videos on Symphony Series Brass Collection from Soundiron and Native Instruments

The ensembles sample have been recorded from a very large groups of musicians including a 32-piece brass ensemble.   Each brass section features 8 players, with 4 flexible microphone positions, for that giant brass sound and offer loads of articulations.   The Soloist instruments are a set of deep sampled instruments including Trumpet, Tenor Trombone, 1st Horn, 2nd Horn and Bass Tuba. These come with the 4 microphone positions (stereo mix, close, mid and far).

Here are the official Demos of the Symphony Series Brass Collection