All Bravura Scoring Brass Promos from Impact Soundworks


Yesterday was Brass day for us Sample Library loving composers and music makers with two wonderful developers releasing brass libraries for kontakt.

Now that I’ve had a little time to look/listen over the promos for Bravura Scoring Brass from Impact Soundworks I collected them all here for you.

Bravura Scoring Brass Complete (all instruments) is selling for $349.00 (USD) from Impact Soundworks. Visit them for the complete details.  Bravura has launched with options to pick up individual instruments for $39.00 (USD) as well as options to pick up just the Ensembles $229.00 (USD) or all 6 Solosist instruments $149.00 (USD).

Here are the 3 Official Video promos for Bravura Scoring Brass from Impact Soundworks as well as my First Look and some demo music I created using the instrument.

The Bravura Scoring Brass was recorded in a dry studio enviornment and offers 3 adjustable mic positions on the interface which allow a lot of flexibility in sound. The Bravura Scoring Brass Complete bundle includes all the ensembles, solo libraries, FX, Chordmaker and Orchestrator instruments. Impact Soundworks is also making all instruments available AL-A-CARTE so you could get individual soloists, just the ensembles and many other options.

The instruments include Ensembles sampled from a 3 piece Horn section , 3 piece trombone section, 3 piece trumpet section & low brass section. The solo instuments include trumpet, piccalo trumpet, trombone, french horn, tuba, flugelhorn.

Here are the official demos released by Impact Soundworks of Bravura scoring Brass