Audio Plugin Deals MODERN SCORINGELEMENTS 1-3 is now available now for just $39.99!

Modern Scoring Elements 1 is the perfect SFX tool box for creating or enhancing suspense in any scene or movie. Intensify the mood with the help of these dynamic effects and accents. Thrilling risers, whooshes and powerful impacts paired with soothing beds will have your audience on the edge of their seats.

Modern Scoring Elements 2 offers a vast variety of SFX samples for creating tension or coloring a scene through anything from heavy impacts and whooshes to soft and subtle soundscape transitions. Energetic percussion and driven arpeggios will enhance your action and add the finishing touches to a full cinematic experience.

Modern Scoring Elements 3 features a lush assortment of atmospheric layers and enchanting melodies. Combine these elements to create fluid transitions between scenes and emotions. The mixture of organic and synthetic sounds takes you on a journey through different worlds and presents you with the musical building blocks for your next sci-fi adventure.

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