82% off Master Solo Woodwinds Bundle by Auddict


Just got word of a new VSTBuzz deal: 82% off “Master Solo Woodwinds Bundle” by Auddict

The “Master Solo Woodwind Bundle” is a dazzling collection of 5 solo orchestral woodwind instruments with an amazing seven mic positions for ultimate sonic flexibility and real time legato that can fool even a trained ear!


With a massive 46GB of content, this collection aims to give you the same controllable sonic environment / soundscape you would have in a real film scoring session!

Through multiple new and innovative features, including the seven mic positions, carefully set to cover the whole soundscape, multiple legato layers at multiple dynamics, play any trill up to seven notes apart and even control the level of true mechanical noise heard from the instruments.

This bundle is divided into 5 logical solo instrument patches:

Solo Piccolo
Solo Flute
Solo Oboe
Solo Clarinet
Solo Bassoon

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