81% off Extended Electric Guitars by Edu Prado Sounds


Audio Plugin Deals announce a new deal featuring 81% off Extended Electric Guitars by Edu Prado Sounds.  This guitar library will be offered for $14.25 instead of the normal $75 from today until November 7th, 2023.  The full version of Kontakt 6.7.1 or higher is required.  More details from APD below.


The Extended Electric Guitar library is a continuation of the classic acoustic Extended Guitar series, bringing new techniques, new sounds and a new tone into the Edu Prado Sounds collection.

The Extended Electric Guitar elevates unconventional and creative techniques on electric guitar to another level. Seeking not only pristine tone but also satisfying playability this library provides varied techniques with multiple layers and round robins. The multiple effects and controls allow you to shape the sound to perfection for your project.

From beautifully finger-played harmonics and groovy muted notes to precise tapping, varied innovative bowed techniques and dreamy soundscapes, with an extraordinary array of effects, the Extended Electric Guitar is perfect for all kinds of productions, from pop to epic cinematic music.


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